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Adventurer, writer and television presenter

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Bear Grylls

Adventurer, writer and television presenter


Bear Grylls has become known around the world as one of the most recognised faces of survival and outdoor adventure. His journey to this acclaim started in the UK, where his late father taught him to climb and adventure.

Trained from a young age in martial arts, Grylls went on to spend three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces, serving with 21 SAS. It was here that he perfected many of the skills that his fans all over the world enjoy watching him pit against mother-nature.

His TV Emmy nominated show Man Vs Wild / Born Survivor became one of the most watched programmes on the planet with an estimated audience of 1.2 billion. He then progressed to US Network TV, hosting the hit adventure show Running Wild on NBC, where he takes some of the world’s best known movie stars on incredible adventures, including the likes of President Barack Obama, Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Zac Efron and Channing Tatum.

Grylls co-owns and hosts the BAFTA award winning The Island with Bear Grylls on Channel 4, which has sold as a format all around the world. In addition Grylls co-owns and hosts ITV & CITV’s Bear Grylls Survival School as well Absolute Wild for Chinese TV.

Grylls is currently the youngest ever Chief Scout to the UK Scout Association and is an honorary Colonel to the Royal Marines Commandos.
He has authored over 20 books, including his number one Bestselling autobiography: Mud, Sweat & Tears.

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